Thanks for the memories Rod Beck…

25 06 2007


A tribute to Rod…

Kinda been struggling how to deal with Rod Beck’s death here… way too young to pass away. A real character, and one great competitor. Great moustache too… From what I understand, he had a helluva sense of humor too… so maybe he would’ve appreciated this.

So, in honor of Rod, here are my top 10 sports-moustaches of all time…


10. Hulk Hogan – ok… not a ‘real’ sport (I can say it, he’s not in the near vicinity)… and thus the #10 ranking… but that’s a damn good moustache!


9. Keith Hernandez – suave moustache… but due to the Seinfeld reference gotta include…


8. Bill Cowher – more famous for his mandible, but that’s a pretty good moustache there…

7. Todd Jones – pretty damn good, but the 70s/80s guys have him beat for sheer wooliness.


6. Craig Stadler – One of my favorite golfers… and a pretty hand moustache.


5. Shaq… almost fu-manchu…


4. Rod Beck…


3. Merv Hughes – Australian Cricketer – Awesome character… His workouts in the outer on the MCG have to be seen to be believed… worth noting that Merv’s mo’ is more famous than he is himself!


2. Rollie Fingers… a truly great moustache – one for the ages!


1. All-time best… Lanny McDonald, Calgary Flames


38 is way to young to be gone… but Shooter will be missed. Condolences to his wife & daughters…



Top Sports Stories in Japan… (June 13)

13 06 2007

Here’s a surprise – hot & humid today! 

Today’s athletic endeavors that made headlines in Nippon…

  • Kotimitsuki’s big chance of shedding bad tag (sumo)… [Daily Yomiuri]
  • Fatigued Fighters to face Brave Baystars (NPB)… [Daily Yomiuri]
  • Warren Cromartie to move into Japanese Pro Wrestling… [Mainichi News]

Last one’s an interesting story…