The WTF College Football rankings… week 2

7 09 2007

NCAA… ummmm… huh?Ok… my 20+1 for this week. Hell, I bet I was the closest blogger who had Michigan where they deserved to be (I had ’em at #15)… but let’s not be too sore at the Wolverines (I know there’s one certain X-Man pissed over the use of the name): Chuck Weis is certainly happy someone’s taken the heat off him.

Anyway… I figured that I better do something a lil’ more realistic than simply go on Helmets this week. So I figured I’d just draw names out of a hat (no AA teams… didn’t realise I wasn’t allowed to rank ’em!).

And awaaaaay we go! Read the rest of this entry »


The WTF College Football rankings… week 1

4 09 2007

NCAA… ummmm… huh?A lot of you realise that I also write from time-to-time over at the excellent conglomerative blog, Epic Carnival. Lotsa folks writing there, and I believe it’s really helped my writing… and general sports awareness.

I was asked to submit a 20+1 rankings for NCAA football. Are you kidding me? I literally have NFI (and I don’t mean the National Film Institute) on college football. Sure, heard of some of the teams before, but I lack the awareness that the general guy living in the US has. Totally lack. Like… a void.

I think it’s important for each & every one of you to realise that I’m an Australian guy, living in Japan. Whilst I enjoy watching the American game, I tend to lean more towards the professional game – where news/games are readily available, and my awareness of players/teams is pretty damn good on that (enough to hold my own in Fantasy Leagues et al). Add to that, I lack the sense of allegiance that actually attending a college/university gives.
Still, I know all the really ‘big’ teams: USC, LSU, UCLA, FBI… errr… anyway (yes, I know… awful, awful pun using acronyms), I thought I’d make my college 20+1 rankings based entirely on how cool the logo on their helmet looks. As I said, when it comes to College football, I have no idea. So… Read the rest of this entry »