Blogsifting – Hoppin’ around the Blogzone

19 08 2007

Hop, hop, hop…So, like a good lil’ bunny, I’ve been hopping ALL over the world-of-blogs to find stuff that’s just oh-so-good… but this is all I could find! I kid, I kid… anyway, here’s what I liked over the weekend (or thereabouts)…

  1. Now I just have to find out who is the Chunichi Dragons’ lead celebu-fan… Sooze from Babes Love Baseball wrote a good piece on Celebrity Fans over at Epic. Check it out.
  2. I’m a ‘Phins fan. Not too proud to admit it. Hey, we had our time in the sun. But I hate Nick Saban. Alabama fans should too. He’s gonna crap on you. Sometime… Anyway, Smitty at Sons of Sam Malone has a letter up, apparently it’s a letter from Alabama fans to Nick Saban. You decide. 😉
  3. Nothing like a brawl in baseball. But Jose Offerman’s charging the mound was a bewdy. From the excellent One More Dying Quail.
  4. Aaaah… Late summer. When a hot August night can be appeased by a nice, cool beer. Oh, and when Cubs fans start to panic. Five Tool Tool.
  5. It’s a YouTube-fest over at The Ghosts of Wayne Fontes… they explore which baseball fans are the biggest drunks.
  6. Really enjoyed this lil’ piece – Game on: And Then There’s Softball… at The Everyday Athlete.
  7. So I despise the Italian team because of what happened during the last Soccer World Cup. I have to – I’m Australian. They won because of a dive. Hate that about soccer… still The Ladies are hosting at Deadspin this weekend, and they reveal what Materazzi said. I just wish Zidane had used a baseball bat.

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