Warriors… come out and plaaaay – but don’t bring your haka

12 09 2007

University of Hawaii WarriorsThe Western Athletic Conference has basically banned the Haka. They haven’t come out & stated that, but last weekend’s assessing the Warriors as being guilty of ‘unsportsman-like behavior’ – before the game even started against Louisiana Tech – amounts to the same thing.The University of Hawaii Warriors didn’t even do the Haka on the field: it was performed in front of their locker area, facing a group of 200 of their supporters. Head Coach June Jones checked with the officiating crew prior to the start of the game as to what the ruling was on the Haka, and was told that as long as it wasn’t on-field, or facing the Louisiana Tech players then it would be fine. Coin tossed, the Bulldogs elected to receive, and the Warriors were immediately assessed the 15 yard penalty. Read the rest of this entry »