Top Sports Stories in Japan… (Sept 8)

8 09 2007

cute-in-yellow.jpgAaaah… Saturday.  And the Wallabies play tonight – what could be better?

Today’s sports news in Japanese media:


Top Sports Stories in Japan… (July 18)

18 07 2007

Damn CUTE…So… new day in Japan – headed to the baseball this evening!

Today’s top sports news in Japan:

Some other news… in addition to writing here, I will be writing writing the odd article at Epic Carnival – an excellent new conglomerative blog! Check it out – damn interesting read, and PROLIFIC!

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Top Sports Stories in Japan… (July 2)

2 07 2007

girl-in-blue.jpgToday’s top stories in sports within Nippon news…

Top Sports Stories in Japan… (June 10)

10 06 2007

Brrrrr… Surprisingly cold, wet day here in Central Japan.

Today’s top sports headlines in Japan…

  • Record Clamshell-toss in regional Japan… [Mainichi News]
  • Rugby – Australian A (second team) demolishes Japan… [Mainichi News]
  • Giant’s Abe homers twice & drives in 5… [Daily Yomiuri]
  • A tribute to Clete Boyer… [Japan Times]
  • Information on what Miki Ando (Skating World Champion) is doing… [Japan Times]