No Cigars for Dallas today

29 11 2008

Dallas Mavericks (7-7) at Los Angeles Lakers (11-1)

The last time the Mavs played the Lakers, LA managed to only just eke out a win.  Dallas come to town with high hopes and a fully-loaded Dirk Nowitzki.  Dirk’s been firing of late, averaging a handy 28.8 points and 11.6 boards over the last five games.  Even tho’ the Lakers boast one of the best teams in the NBA at both ends of the court, Dallas would have to rate themselves for this game.

Phil being phunny...LA.  Quite simply they are the cream of the crop at the moment.  Used to be that if you shut down Kobe, then you shut down LA.  Not any more.  Even when Kobe’s not hot now, LA are winning… and by a league-best average of 14+ points per.  You can’t just stop #24, you have to stop the entire team. No-one’s playing big minutes yet, largely because they haven’t needed to. It’s a well-balanced team that comes at you from all angles. Phil’s got them playing very, very well.

Dallas have found recent form that might come close to doing that. Having won 5 on the trot, not only is Nowitzki playing well, but you can also look to wily ol’ veterans Jason Terry and J-Kidd as well. Funny that. You have to wonder if it’s the lesser impact of a somewhat distracting owner.

The Lakers will be looking to extend their own 5 game winning streak, and move to an impressive 12-1 thus far this season.
I see that happening. LA by 17.


Blogsifting – Setting Suns & High Rises

6 03 2008

Scrumptious…  (can somebody warn me if they see Jeff Wong headed this way?)Well, some nice hits on my NBA TV Redux bit (thank you  More NBA: raise your hand if you think Phoenix made a mistake trading to get Shaq?  Man… getting hammered by Denver today (126-113) doesn’t really make ’em look that good, huh?  Supposedly got him to shore up their defense, but losing 5-out-of-8… and each time scores being above 116 (3 scores over 120) – not looking too hot on the D.  And LeBron’s 50/10/8???  He musta felt ripped off when Kobe went for 52 the other night…

Anyway, time to show some link-lovin’!

  1. Over at The World Of Isaac5 Tips for a Good Meltdown
  2. Tony Riazzi writing at PRAY FOR MOJO waxes eloquent on Tropicana Field naming rights
  3. DMtShooter writing at Epic Carnival (same guy from Five Tool Tool) calls it like it is on the Oakland A’s.
  4. Kurt over at Forum Blue & Gold – the pre-eminent Lakers blog out there – discusses the need for ‘The One Big Piece’
  5. I find it poignant that the most excellent FOULEDOUT! puts up a vid-clip of Dirkus Circus on the day his suspension was given!  FO has such a sense of irony!

Err… yibbidah yibbidah, that’s all folks!