Tough luck Toronto

1 12 2008

November 30th – Toronto Raptors (8-7) at Los Angeles Lakers (12-1)

The man who would be MVP (at least… he says he could be) playing against the man who is (reigning) MVP.
Yup, that’s right: Chris Bosh is in town to play Kobe Bryant and the Lakers. Bosh’ll get every chance to show exactly what he’s made up, going up against the Lakers, who haven’t lost to the Rap-pack at home in 7 years.

Toronto have really yet to impress, regardless of the start to the season that Bosh has had. Sitting a game over .500, the Raptors looked at the start of the season to be one of the teams to beat out East, with the addition of Jermaine O’Neal, and the expected emergence of Jose Calderon. O’Neal does look the goods, if somewhat frail still… and Calderon has impressive – all in addition to CB4’s near-MVP-like play… yet the Raptors still manage to lose games that you’d think they’d win. Losses to Boston are explicable, but losing 83010497AB023_Mavs_Lakersto teams like Philadelphia (perhaps the biggest under-performing unit in the NBA thus far) and New Jersey – both at home – beggars explaining.

They have their work cut out for them against a Laker unit that hasn’t enjoyed a start like this for several years. Gasol, Bynum and Odom make life very, very difficult for opposition big men – there’s simply no respite. Trevor Ariza has been phenomenal off the bench, with his play he should be in 6th Man conversations (as a ‘true’ sixth). And Kobe is still Kobe, despite playing the fewest minutes many a year.

LA will win this one.
By 9.


Ummm – What Was That?… Atlantic Division

12 04 2008

Boston Celtics Blog – CelticsBlog – organized a set of previews in the pre-season for each & every team (which Jeff claims is like herding cats – honestly, we weren’t that bad!), and just recently we reviewed our previews

Up first was the Atlantic Division. Some excerpts:

Boston Celtics (CelticsBlog) “Don’t wake me from this dream. I’m enjoying this more than I thought. I’ve been walking around in a daze all season long and I’m hoping this lasts right on through June.”

New York Knicks (Straight Bangin’) “…even I, one of Isiah and Dolan’s great critics, couldn’t fully comprehend how worthless and inept they are.”

Philadelphia 76ers (MVN Passion & Pride) “Sixers smashed expectations and find themselves in the sleeper role heading into the playoffs.”

Toronto Raptors (Hoops Addict) “…the fact the team survived without Ford and Bosh for extended periods of time speaks to the depth…”

Excellent stuff. To read it all, make sure you head over to CelticsBlog and check it out!

NBA – Previews from Blogfrica (update)

6 10 2007

So, here are some updates from the NBA Bloggers Team Previews… Awesome stuff, enjoy!  Atlantic Division…

Celtics, Nets, Knicks, Sixers & Raptors! Read the rest of this entry »