Happy Thanksgiving

28 11 2008

To those of you in the USA…


Blogsifting: Things to be thankful for

22 11 2007

A Thanksgiving gift - Yoko Kumada pictures!So… it’s Thanksgiving. And whilst being an Australian living in Japan, the holiday means little to me, I did spend a Thanksgiving in Philadelphia a few years back with a friend’s family – so I understand what it means to those who host the sports I love… and I have many things to be thankful for – first & foremost my wife & baby boy… and a vacation coming up in 3 weeks.


  1. Kurt & the forum-hounds over at Forum Blue and Gold break down the trade that gets LA Trevor Ariza.
  2. Football is such a huge part of the Thanksgiving culture – and coming up there’s a game with huge import, and a long tradition of rivalry fueling it – Kansas vs Missouri – previewed at The Extrapolater.
  3. I wrote a piece over at Epic Carnival that gives thanks for the Lakers good start.
  4. 20 Second Time out looks at Kobe mentoring Andrew Bynum.
  5. 10 Things at Celtics Blog.
  6. Priest Holmes would have to be grateful for One More GameDave’s Football Blog.
  7. Patrick Swayze gives his thoughts on the NFL… over at The Ghosts of Wayne Fontes. Hell… they get the guy who once fondled Demi Moore, and I get a guy trying to grow a moustache. 😉

Enjoy Thanksgiving America!

New Carnival of the NBA – Happy Thanksgiving!

20 11 2007

So, there’s a new Carnival of the NBA out!  #52, over at Loy’s Place… heading over there now, coming?  I hear there’s TURKEY!

Now that’s a bird…

(Psst… hit the picture for the link to the Carnival!)