Blogsifting – Finding nuggets

26 07 2007

Blogsiftin’s hard work…Time to enter the blogosphere again, and get out those lil’ gems! Away for a few days (and thanks a heap to both JP from Pyle of List & Chimpanzee Rage from Deuce of Davenport), but over the last day or so, this is what I’ve been damn impressed with!

  1. Writing at Epic Carnival, BD explores some of the best current topics in sports – including Matt Leinart’s fatherhood problems! Yup – Throwing Knives
  2. Bethlehem Shoals at Free Darko explores the Tim Donaghy controversy, and offers an opinion…
  3. Digital Headbutt? Pain, pain, pain, pain, pain
  4. Link of a link of a link of a… anyway, found this at Awful Announcing, so they get the credit: Cops Meet The Sports World
  5. Dave at Dave’s Football Blog looks at his nomination for the AFL Goal of the Year (I hate Port!)…
  6. The Steve Nash Charity Classic – with Austin Kent at Hoops Addict
  7. Our Book of Scrap loves hotness. Who doesn’t? Washington Wizards Dance Team Auditions

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Put on your galoshes, it’s BLOGSIFTIN’ time!

20 07 2007

Aki HoshinoSo, just got back from the Sumo (article to follow this weekend/early next week)… and it’s time to sift through the blogosphere & share what lil’ nuggets I find!

  1. New blog I’m reading – Clutch 3 – shares his thoughts on Stevie Franchise (Killer) heading to Houston
  2. Chimp’ rage (Deuce of Davenport) asks the poignant question: Who needs Beckham? – and gives us video footage of a better option.
  3. Excellent mega-blog Epic Carnival‘s dswinder (who’s main blog is Sons of Sam Malone) is Live Blogging the British Open… a heady undertaking!
  4. Kissing Suzy Kolber looks at the Jacksonville Jaguars and the impossibilities that they are faced with this season.
  5. I just about wet myself in anticipation of this: Pyle of List‘s Shaq’s Fat Camp Episode IV
  6. Golden State of Mind tells us about the Warrior Girl Auditions. I only have one thing to say: … ummm… [drools]… ok… I forgot.
  7. 10 Things Every West Virginian Fan… well, to see what this list is about you’ll have to hit that link & head over to Loser with Socks.

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