Days of Our Lakers… a review of the draft.

30 06 2007


It’s worth noting that of the 3 draft picks the Lakers got, only one of them really has any positive light from Kobe’s point of view… Anyway, that aside – let’s have a look at ’em!

Drafted with the 19th pick – Javaris Crittendon. The Lakers have a need at point guard, that’s for sure. And without-a-doubt Crittendon was the best player at that position still on the board (after Acie Law IV & Mike Conley). I doubt that he’ll have much impact in the next season, but with Aaron McKie & Smush Parker gone, maybe he will (depending on trades et al). Still, the Lakers do have to look beyond Kobe, and most draft picks at that stage of the game are ‘projects’. I must admit that I was hoping for him to drop this far (and as we got to the mid-teens, was pretty sure he would: Washington, New Jersey & Golden State all have established PGs) – he’s young, has good vision & will (eventually) make a good point guard… one day (not sure that’s what Mr Bryant wants to hear). He’s also eminently tradeable (which would please Kobe).

The second pick with the 10th pick of the 2nd round (40 overall) was Sun Yue. This
pick initially took me by surprise. A very, very long player with point guard skills… ok. Why haven’t we heard of him? Supposedly quick, can jump, and has good passing skills. Still as is typical for Chinese players, he is very, very skinny, and would need to bulk up considerably before having an impact on the NBA. Another project? Chalk up some displeasure for Kobe…

With the 18th pick of the 2nd round (48th overall) the Lakers took Marc Gasol (Pau’s baby brother). Now this pick interests me. Gasol’s a big body, and has all-round good skills. Ready to roll now… in my preview, this was a guy I targeted with this pick, and I’m happy we got him. I’d suggest that Gasol’s presence means that the Lakers are seriously looking to trade Andrew Bynum. Is that a hint of a smile I see Kobe?

Gasol squared… we got the handsome one


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