Still Alive

10 11 2008

Yup, been over 2 months since I’ve posted a single thing… but as the title intimates, I’m still alive.

Work got incredibly busy, and life with a small child is a job unto itself too.  Had to take a step away, and reassess what was important.

Still… NBA season’s back, and find myself with a lil’ time, and a hankering to get my opinion out there.  So… I’ll be back writing soon.  I’ll have to take a slightly different approach to the site, it won’t be a post-every-single-day approach, but basically a when-I-feel-like-it, or when something leaps out at me that demands a post.  A lot of the other writers have disappeared due to my absence, so not sure what is going on with them either.  Still, back, and hoping to get involved in it all again.

Good to be back.


On vacation…

8 08 2008

Notice: currently on vacation from the 8-19, but there’ll be at least something going up daily!

C’ya when I get back!

In Review… who picked what, and who messed up

19 06 2008

Did a piece a lil’ while back called “So… NBA Finals, huh? Who you got?” where I asked prominent bloggers who they’d pick. And sheesh… did most of us miss – and then some – or what? Almost as bad as the ESPN guys (only Legler picked the C’s).
In review:

– Of those that picked the Celtics, some got it right on – Celtics in 6. They were Jeff at, Matt Moore from Hardwood Paroxysm, Paul from WhatifSports, FLCeltsfan from Loy’s Place, Ricky from Sixers 4 Guidos, Ryan Schwan of Hornets247, Nick from The Nugg Doctor, Nels from Give Me The Rock, and our very own Rob-the-rabid-Celtics-fan.

– Those that picked the Celtics, but missed on games were: College Wolf at TWolvesBlog, and Khandor over from Khandor Sports. Both had the C’s in 7.

The rest of us? Well… we got it wrong. A whopping 24 of us went for the Lakers in a variety of calls from ‘in-5’ to ‘in-7’.
Sheesh. Boy, did we get it wrong.

Anyway, was fun. Basketball season’s over, but we’ll still be doing wrap-ups of seasons, looks at the draft & trades/rumours et al.
With Malice will morph somewhat into a more general sports blog (still putting up stuff daily), but still will be looking forward to next NBA season.

Looking forward to it.

A year in review, here

2 06 2008

In celebration of the first year down of blogging here, posting the top 10 posts (hits-wise) written here over the past year.

10. Japan vs Australia (Asian Cup) – Liveblogging [July 21, 07]
Thus far my only live-blogging experience…

So thus far, no-one wants to be the favourite heading into this game, and both teams have turned it into a veritable love-fest, competing to see who can say the most ‘nice’ things about each other.

9. Not what the doctor ordered [May 27, 08]
A review of the amazing run the Boston Celtics have enjoyed this year…

It’s pretty amazing how far the Boston Celtics have come in just a season.
To think, this time last year they were parked in their barca-lounges, watching the Cleveland Cavaliers, the San Antonio Spurs, Dallas Mavs & Detroit Pistons strut their stuff.

8. Understanding Rugby: The Haka [August 6, 07]
Written just prior to the Rugby World Cup, a look at one of the most recognizable aspects of the game…

With the Rugby World Cup just around the corner, With Malice… will explore some of the history of the game. Today, the haka.

7. Death of a boy… what the hell is going on in Sumo? [September 29, 07]
Writing about the biggest threat to sumo – their refusal to leave behind antiquated and sometimes barbaric practices, and a death that resulted from their ‘training methods’…

A 17 year old’s death raises many question in Japan’s oldest sport…

Takashi Saito joined the Sumo Training House (stable) in early May, a little over a month later… he was dead.

The death of Takashi Saito on June 26th should just not have happened.
There is no way anyone can justify the slaying of a 17 year old boy during a training session, especially within the circumstances that Saito died.

6. Carnival of the NBA, #46 [July 16, 07]
The very, very well run carnival (kudos to Matt @ Blog a Bull) which I was fortunate enough to host in July of last year.

A cold dark shadow crept across the land, it’s chilling touch reaching out to everyone. A… void… an absence of a loved presence. Yes indeed children, the NBA season has drawn to a close. But do not fear – there are a few, a few brave souls who continue to strive for all that is good, just, and… basketball.

5. Olympic Dreaming – ’92 Dream Team vs ’08 Olympic Squad… part 1 [December 7, 07]
A question to rival the best of the bar-stool conversations… a round-table discussion with several other blogs involved.

Not so far from today, the 2008 US Olympic Basketball Team will attempt to restore Olympic glory to American hoops… and it’s definitely an undertaking that everyone concerned has taken with a great deal of sincerity and application.
Are they good? Undoubtedly.
Can they win the gold? I think so…
But, how good are they? How do they measure up against the yardstick of all basketball, the 1992 US Olympic Men’s Basketball Team: The Dream Team…

4. Beach Volleyballer – Angela Crewe [July 10, 07]
An interview with an aspiring pro-beach volleyballer, Angela Crewe.

Quite a few years ago, I coached volleyball at a high school in Australia. Most of the athletes I coached don’t play any more, but a few do. One who does is Angela Crewe, who now plays beach volleyball in Australia. Angela is ranked #13 in the Nation, and is generally acknowledged to be the best player in her home state of Victoria – last season being crowned the MVP for the Victorian Women’s tour.

3. Letter from an anonymous NBA star… [August 9, 07]
Bit of a satirical commentary on the state of play for one particular player – I’m betting he’s glad his desires were never realised…

For this story, I’ve edited out the names of players/teams as to protect anonymity. Due to computer problems, I had to use a sharpie.

So, I’m a huge Obviously this is just part of a satirical commentary fan. Huge. So it’s really disappointing for me to idly sit around whilst they do… nothing. So I sent a letter to are they going to add ANYTHING? in the hope that maybe he could shed some light on the situation. This is actually the third in our series of correspondence, but I thought I’d share.

2. NBA Franchises As TV Shows, Redux… [March 5, 08]
A satirical look at the state of a few different franchises within the NBA…

The San Antonio Spurs – The NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams
Err… huh?Everybody says it’s an awesome show, and it definitely gets the job done. However, it’s difficult stay awake for the duration of a single broadcast.

1. Olympic Dreaming – ’92 Dream Team vs ’08 Olympic Squad… part 2 [December 10, 07]
Part 2 of the same series that is #5 on this list. Had a lot of fun organising this…

Here we go again, round 2… and ‘twould seem most are well in favour of the ‘92 squad. And given the places that esteemed group hold within our hearts & minds, is it so surprising? So, today – we get the thoughts of TWolves Blog, MVN Born and Raised, Signal To Noise, Storming the Floor, Forum Blue and Gold, The Sports Lounge, All Ball Sports Blog, Ballhype and my own opinion on this matchup…

That’s my top 10 for the past year… not necessarily my all-time favourites, but they are the ones that were most read. And if you’re reading now, thanks for the year. There’ll be more…

June 1st – one year down…

1 06 2008

June 1st last year, and post reading Pyle of List’s Kill Buss, I thought I’d give it a shot. Been a fun year, and I’ve learnt quite a bit about blogging & what this site is as a ‘blog’.
Initially starting out as a ‘general sports blog’, I came to realise that during the NBA season, this is primarily an NBA blog. I have a broad range of sporting ‘likes’, but the Association’s first & foremost. So I guess during the NBA season – this is an NBA blog with other sports (thanks Brad).

It’s definitely been fun doing this (thus far), and I look forward to another year. There have been some pieces that I’ve enjoyed writing, and some that have had some relative success. Some serious, some strictly tongue-in-cheek…

Traffic-wise the site’s grown considerably since it’s first month. From just over 9,000 in June of last year to nearly 9 times that in May ’08. I’m astounded, and pleased.

Quite a few people deserve some thanks here… too many to name all – but some key personnel in contributing to this site’s existence would be: Brad (who’s lent his insight into cricket & rugby league), Rob (the rabid Celtic fan), Raincoaster (advice), Doug & the guys at Epic… every writer who’s contributed here (DMtShooter stands out as someone who’s contributed a few good pieces)… amongst many, many others – including those that actually come here. Guess you’re the most important. Also those that have linked here, or have me on their blogroll – thanks.
Toying with the idea of trying to get some people to contribute on a regular basis on some of the sports I’m not quite so keen on, or have less knowledge on (not that I’m an expert on anything!), or just wants to write… if someone reads this who’s interested (in particular… baseball or MMA – but any ideas welcome), shoot me an email.

In the next month or so, I’ll be holding a competition to celebrate the year down… just gotta iron out some details on that.

Looking forward to another year.

Thanks all.