Blogsifting – Finding nuggets

26 07 2007

Blogsiftin’s hard work…Time to enter the blogosphere again, and get out those lil’ gems! Away for a few days (and thanks a heap to both JP from Pyle of List & Chimpanzee Rage from Deuce of Davenport), but over the last day or so, this is what I’ve been damn impressed with!

  1. Writing at Epic Carnival, BD explores some of the best current topics in sports – including Matt Leinart’s fatherhood problems! Yup – Throwing Knives
  2. Bethlehem Shoals at Free Darko explores the Tim Donaghy controversy, and offers an opinion…
  3. Digital Headbutt? Pain, pain, pain, pain, pain
  4. Link of a link of a link of a… anyway, found this at Awful Announcing, so they get the credit: Cops Meet The Sports World
  5. Dave at Dave’s Football Blog looks at his nomination for the AFL Goal of the Year (I hate Port!)…
  6. The Steve Nash Charity Classic – with Austin Kent at Hoops Addict
  7. Our Book of Scrap loves hotness. Who doesn’t? Washington Wizards Dance Team Auditions

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Finals? Bah… Bring on the Off-season!!!

6 06 2007


Ok… I know the NBA finals are going to be exciting now. I get that. Lebron “Luke-the-force-is-with-you” James vs the San Antonio “Deathstar” Spurs (who really thinks the good guys are going to win this time?) – great viewing.

But the off-season this year is looking so… interesting! First, the draft. How karmic was it that Boston & Memphis did not get a top 3 choice after two of the most obvious tanking performances I’ve seen by a professional sports team?!! I heard that in the morning on my way to work, and could not stop smiling all day!

We got Portland getting the first pick – and are almost certain to take Greg Oden & take a big step in the turn-around of the franchise once known as the ‘Jail Blazers’. The only alumni left from that group is Zach Randolph, and trade rumours surround him galore. Sure, the rebuilding of Rip City started before now – and the addition of Brandon Roy/LaMarcus Aldridge last year was a coup – but with Greg Oden in the mix, the sights will be set much, much higher. And deservedly so. Exciting times ahead for Portland.

With the losses (all surprisedly so?) of Dallas, Detroit and Phoenix, we can expect at least some retooling to occur within those rosters.

With Flip Saunders expecting to stay with the Pistons , that will probably ensure that fairly significant changes will occur to the roster. Rasheed Wallace has probably received his last technical in a Detroit uniform, Chris Webber’s probably due to retire, and the changes that occur might mean that Chauncey Billups departs too – via free agency.

Even with Mark Cuban declaring unconditional support for Dirk, I’d expect changes in Dallas. Dirk’ll stay, but Jason Terry is destined for somewhere else, Devin Harris deserves to have the ball. The Warriors exposed the deficiencies the Mavericks have at close to the basket – Dirk is simply more touch than brawn, and Eric Dampier’s ever-growing-contract is an elephant for the team to carry. Jerry Stackhouse is a free agent, and it will depend on the offers he gets. But bottom line: Dallas need a big guy, who can provide muscle… and not just talk about it like Dampier.

Phoenix are interesting. But for a hit by Robert Horry…

then maybe the Spurs aren’t in the finals.

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