The New York Knicks – a lesson in how to remove the focus off a team’s poor performance

25 09 2007

Could this possibly be the diary of Isiah Thomas??? (profanity edited with a sharpie)Holy crap. Never thought it would be the case that the Knicks front office is even MORE embarrassing than their team! Way to go guys: you’ve really taken the focus off the pathetic on-court performance over recent years.
Now the basketball-public are more concerned about the ‘in-court’ performance (for a bit of satirical humor, read the diary on the left).

I cannot imagine this mess that has occurred within the New York Knicks occurring in nearly any other franchise in the NBA. If you told me that there was an NBA franchise being sued for sexual discrimination, with their GM being reamed in court over sexual harassment, I would probably have guessed the Knicks.

What the hell is James Dolan running at Madison Square Garden? Read the rest of this entry »


Jubilo soccer star sacked for sex suspicions!

30 06 2007


Jubilo Iwata (Japanese soccer team based in Shizuoka prefecture) cut ties with Naoya Kikuchi due to Kikuchi being arrested on suspicion of having had sex with a 15 year old girl. He was fined, his contract was terminated, and rumors abound as to whether some officials were aware of the incident prior to the arrest – as fines have been placed on both the team president, and the head of team development.

What amazes me is the attitude of people in general here in Japan. It’s met with a pretty blase attitude – enjou kosaii (compensated dating with schoolgirls) is as bad as it’s always been, so this situation involving a football (soccer) player raises nary an eyebrow.

Imagine what Roger Goodell’d be doing…


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