Insane Ball Control

13 04 2008

You really, really have to check this out.

Insane skills… tho’ I do doubt the veracity of some of the moves shown… still, a good watch!


Tough Times Loom for Australia

27 11 2007


No, not political commentary…

Qualifying draws for the Football (soccer) World Cup have been drawn up, and Australia looks to have a pretty tough group. Japanese media has been declaring it a nasty group for Japan – declaring that there are ‘rising forces’ in their pool, but I don’t see it. And South Korea & Iran have absolutely sweet draws.

Here are the groupings (FIFA rankings in parentheses):

  1. Australia (48); Iraq (70); China (85); Qatar (86)
  2. Japan (33); Oman (76); Bahrain (101); Thailand (113)
  3. South Korea (42); North Korea (117); Jordan (122); Turkmenistan (127)
  4. Saudi Arabia (57); Uzekistan (64); Singapore (130); Lebanon (137)
  5. Iran (40); UAE (99); Syria (109); Kuwait (121)

Don’t know what to make of it really, but it seems more than a little unbalanced. Australia has to face 3 teams that are all ranked 86 or higher. Coach?South Korea’s closest rival is North Korea, who would be the lowest ranked team in either Group 1 or 2. China and Qatar have to be feeling shafted, as their rankings would place them second in either Groups 3 or 5, and at worst a clear 3rd in any of the pools.

Still, at the end of the day, Australia is the top-ranked team in Group 1, and has control of it’s destiny. Win, or go home.
Now appoint a bloody coach.

Top Sports Stories in Japan… (Sept 20)

20 09 2007

Delectable Ai-chanBit of a hot spell here at the moment…



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17 09 2007

Jarah Mariano & friend…Day off today – National Holiday!


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15 09 2007

The lovely Reika ShiinaSaturday… and more World Cup Rugby tonight!

Life’s good…

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13 09 2007

A bit muggy here today…

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Top Sports Stories in Japan… (September 3)

3 09 2007

Cheering at the FIBA AsiaWeather’s still going to be a lil’ hot this week…

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