Extreme Iron(ing) Men

13 08 2007

A Bizarre Sports in Japan special #7…

This is part of a paired article – it’s partner is over at Epic Carnival!

Ok, when someone says ‘iron man’, my mind conjures up pictures of sun-bronzed Aussie surf competitions. ‘Extreme Iron Man’… well, I figured it was the typical surf-competition, only longer, tougher.

But no.

Mt Fuji cops an ironExtreme Ironing is the *sport* (you decide) of taking an iron & ironing board to locations not conducive to ironing, and pressing a few items of clothing.

I kid you not.

Damn man, I have a shirt that needs a press…I first read about the Japanese Extreme Ironing Club when a Japanese man ironed on top of Mt Fuji, then discovered that it is truly an international phenomenon, with a website and international chapters. Clifftop Ironingunderwater ironingbicycle ironing… car ironing – nothing is too extreme for these bad-boys ‘n’ girls of the domestic arts.

Here’s a clip with the basics of Extreme Ironing.

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