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7 09 2007

With Malice’s Bakery Specials

Roll on in!
This week we have some excellent additions to the menu!

And given the heat’s still with us, and the NBA season seems oh-so-far away… what could better than a sandwich to chase away your hunger for all-things-NBA?

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Blogsifting – Hell… I need a shower

6 08 2007

showertime!Goddamn… BIG weekend in sports. So I’m going to avoid references to Barry & A-Rod.

  1. Holy gods of artWinning the Turnover Battle – more than just a sports site. Damn talented work there.
  2. Which one would you choose? House of Mirrors: Choose a Championship, at Epic.
  3. DC Trippin’ with Buck Rampage over at Cobra Brigade.
  4. MLS – alive & kickin’ over at Dave’s Football Blog: A Win, or The Next Game’s On Us.
  5. Latest & last entry of the blogging of Shaq’s Fat Camp… at Pyle of List (DAMN but I wish I could get this in Japan!)
  6. Damnit! Ok, one Bonds reference: Not All History Is Happy – at Five Tool Tool. And only because I agree with ’em.
  7. Henry Rollins rocks – at Raincoaster.

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Put on your galoshes, it’s BLOGSIFTIN’ time!

20 07 2007

Aki HoshinoSo, just got back from the Sumo (article to follow this weekend/early next week)… and it’s time to sift through the blogosphere & share what lil’ nuggets I find!

  1. New blog I’m reading – Clutch 3 – shares his thoughts on Stevie Franchise (Killer) heading to Houston
  2. Chimp’ rage (Deuce of Davenport) asks the poignant question: Who needs Beckham? – and gives us video footage of a better option.
  3. Excellent mega-blog Epic Carnival‘s dswinder (who’s main blog is Sons of Sam Malone) is Live Blogging the British Open… a heady undertaking!
  4. Kissing Suzy Kolber looks at the Jacksonville Jaguars and the impossibilities that they are faced with this season.
  5. I just about wet myself in anticipation of this: Pyle of List‘s Shaq’s Fat Camp Episode IV
  6. Golden State of Mind tells us about the Warrior Girl Auditions. I only have one thing to say: … ummm… [drools]… ok… I forgot.
  7. 10 Things Every West Virginian Fan… well, to see what this list is about you’ll have to hit that link & head over to Loser with Socks.

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Carnival of the NBA, #46 – Made in Japan

16 07 2007

Made in Japan…

A cold dark shadow crept across the land, it’s chilling touch reaching out to everyone. A… void… an absence of a loved presence. Yes indeed children, the NBA season has drawn to a close. But do not fear – there are a few, a few brave souls who continue to strive for all that is good, just, and… basketball.
Like a shining sword cutting through the darkness, here is your Carnival. The Carnival of the NBA (#46)… Made in Japan (well… that’s where I live anyway!).

Golden State of Mind gives us three excellent entries: Report Cards (extensive, and well worth the read – Matt Barnes is one of my favourite players!); an in depth exploration of the Yi issue; Golden State waves goodbye to Jason Richardson.

The guys at Pistons Notebook tell us about the FIBA Americas – a look at who is playing for the US team, and who should start.  Excellent article, and a must read.

20 Second Timeout gave us his impressions of the draft (and the wild spending by Paul Allen).

We’re given a tribute to Derek Fisher in Win or Go Home‘s A Utah Fish No More. One of my all-time favourite players. Guy is all class, and in this day & age, that really means something. WoGH also explores who’s likely to join the Jazz

Girl in KimonoAre NBA Players Like Fine Wine? is the question proferred to us by Miami Heat Wired. A look at the Miami Heat’s veterans…

Matt at Blog a Bull wonders if he’ll ever be able to cheer for Yannick Joakim Noah in Your Newest Chicago Bull. Jury’s still out for Matt, but if I was a Bull-fan, I couldn’t (be a fan). Not after I read one comment comparing him to Sanjaya.

At Bullets Forever, we have two articles. One that offers responses from DC bloggers on the Wizard’s draft (So how do your bloggers like the draft), and the second explores the Juan Carlos Navarro situation (and made reference to the Kwame-Brown-for-Caron-Butler trade… which as a Lakers fan still hurts).

“Where to go from here?” is a question I’m sure a lot of front offices and fans are asking at the moment. CelticsBlog.com asks that very question for Boston in Writer’s Blocked.

Clips Nation‘s ClipperSteve got to do an interview with Jared Jordan. Can he make it in the big time? Read this article to find out what the author thinks…

So… what’s Shaq up to? Shaq’s Fat Camp of course! Pyle of List recaps episode 3 on Shaq’s Fat Camp Episode III.

Ego is not a dirty word? Green Bandwagon looks at Egos… percieved slights are just as real as intentional insults (if anyone can get a message through to Shawn Marion, tell him we’ll organise a Lakers cheergirl in a Shawn Marion uniform… but only if it’s in purple & gold!).

Corey Brewer’s a wolf. A Timberwolf. Whilst watching the NCAA final, this guy was the ‘Gator I was most impressed with. I Heart KG explores why he’s a great pick at #7 in the NBA Draft.

in kimono…Darren Heitner explores Greg Oden’s character development in the very illuminating Greg Oden’s First Endorsement Should Be For Hand Sanitizer at I want to be a Sports Agent.

The guys at HoopsAddict bring us two excellent articles. One from Kinnon Yee explores how the acquisition of the gunner Jason Kapono changes the Toronto Raptors… in the second, Ryan McNeill gives us an excerpt from Filip Bondy’s book “Tip-Off: How The 1984 Draft Changed Basketbal Forever that looks at the 1984 draft, the Philadelphia 76ers of the time, and ‘shapes’ in The Imperfect Fit.

Red’sArmy.com‘s Matty G Thanks Delonte West for Everything. Even tho’ I’m not a Boston fan, I really like Delonte. You gotta admire the way the guy plays.

MVN Basketball has a host of writers I like to read… Jon Burkett gives us two articles, the aptly-named What the Yi is going on? (written in the NBA Draft University section) and he cheers Hooray for Thadeus Young (within the Passion and Pride – Philadelphia 76ers section).

Another MVN basketball piece from Wolves Watch – Minnesota Timberwolves, (where even tho’ it’s not mentioned – as a Laker fan I get excited when I read KG trade pieces) Too Late To Trade KG? Nope.

Signal To Noise explores the NBA free Agency (neat picture of Ron Van Gundy too)…

NBA Glue presents an article exploring free agency in 3 pieces. The first & second look at NBA Glue‘s Top 10 free agents (I love lists), whereas part 3 explores where are the likely destinations for some of those agents.

Seth of Posting and Toasting (part of the SB Nation group) gives us the absolutely bizarre Stephon Marbury on YouTube… words do not suffice.

Spencer Hawes learns basketball from… YouTube? Sactown Royalty exposes Hawes’ youth.

David Stern makes sure the money keeps rolling in… Sportsbiz explores the extension of NBA digital media rights to it’s broadcasting partners in NBA Extends TV Deals.

TWolvesBlog.com weighs the balance in any trade involving Kevin Garnett in What Have We Become?… I sympathize, I for one would love him to come to the Lakers, but I cannot imagine a world where there’s a Minnesota without KG.

History. The NBA has it by the ton (metric or imperial!)… and none more so than the Boston Celtics. LOY’s PLACE explores the history of the C’s in A Dose of Celtics History Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

Lastly, my own (With Malice…) exploration of one of the ailments of the NBA players today, in two parts: When arrogance rules supreme part 1, and part 2.

And that’s the end of issue #46 of the Carnival of the NBA… make sure when you visit the sites that submitted to have a look around. Each & every one a gem…

The End…

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Get the goggles, it’s BLOGSIFTING time!

13 07 2007

I have my latex on…

Ok, put on your protective goggles & get ready to sift the blog (man… that just sounds dirty!)…

  1. ShakedownSports presents us with the Rivershark’s Mr Trash in Finally, A Mascot With A Social Conscience.
  2. I get my fix of Shaq’s Fat Camp (iii) at Pyle of List (Shaq’s Fat Camp is not available in Japan).
  3. Miss Gossip interviews Greg Oden at Fanhouse… awesome interview.
  4. The Depths of Michael Vick’s Mind… yay Kissing Suzy Kolber!
  5. Guys who just can’t get it right… Nightmare Clients at I Want to be a Sports Agent.
  6. Where are they going? Rumors and Rants tells us where NBA Free Agents are headed in Rumor Round Up.
  7. Winning the Turnover Battle lets us know Where the Sports-movie Tomboys are

Fantastic stuff… you keep up the writing, I’ll keep the protective goggles & waterproof gear ready.

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Worth a note that the 16th will see the publication of the 46th issue of the Carnival of the NBA… HERE at With Malice…! 

Flippin’ Off… (‘Possible Flip-flop Story’ Competition)

7 06 2007

What is it at the moment? What’s going on???

In the last 2 weeks, we had two of the biggest flip-flops occur in the sports-world. First, we had Kobe Bryant with his “Trade-me-wait-no-don’t-trade-me” tirade (does anyone know what he wants at the moment?), then we had Billie Donovan with his “I wannabe an NBA coachwait, no I don’t” (shortest tenure ever as an NBA coach?). How brilliant a flip-flop were both? Both were sheer head-scratching in the stupidity involved. Not to say either Kobe Bryant or Billy Donovan are stupid – both are (from what I hear/read) very intelligent guys – but the acts were (stupid).

So, it got me thinking… what reversals would we want to see? Who could perform an about-face that would rival these two?

Some examples…

Shaq returns to the Lakers… (c’mon, who wouldn’t love to see this? <rolls eyes>) The big guy could come up with a great new nickname for it (The Big Prodigal Son?), and state that he’s glad to be back – wishes he never left, and come up with a new pithy nickname for Kobe after claiming him as his ‘sidekick’. Better than Cain & Abel…

The Rocket changes his mind just prior to his first start. He wants to play in … Boston. Announcement made Friday June 8th (just prior to when he would’ve started for the Yanks) where he’s flown in by helicopter on top of the Green Monster at Fenway…

don11.jpg With Malice’s first ever competition!!! don11.jpg

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