Sumo… not just a fat-guy push-fest

27 07 2007

Yokozuna Asashoryu completes the opening ritual danceSo last week (July 20th) I went to the Summer Sumo Tournament in Nagoya… well, let’s start with calling it by the proper term: Nagoya Natsu Basho (Natsu = Summer, Basho = Sumo Tournament). Certainly a fantastic experience, we got to see some of the biggest & best battle it out for the Emperor’s Cup.

Before we cover all of that, some background…

  • Rikishi (wrestlers) are split into 3 divisions. We’ll only worry about the top division – the Makuuchi.
  • Within the Makuuchi division, there are 5 ranks (from lowest): Maegashira; Komusubi; Sekiwake; Ozeki; Yokozuna. Movement can occur up & down, except for within the Yokozuna rank. Once a Yokozuna, you cannot be demoted… they can insist you retire tho’. Currently there are 2 Yokozuna – Asashoryu & Hakuho (both born in Mongolia).
  • They compete on a packed clay surface, called a dohyo. The outer ‘rope’ is made of straw.Our viewpoint… ok for zoomlense photography!
  • Whilst all divisions compete, the Makuuchi battle at the end of the day, with the Yokozuna fighting last of all.
  • If a lower rank rikishi defeats a Yokozuna, it’s traditional that the crowd throw the purple seat cushions into the air.

Now… on with the commentary! A fairly sultry day, we headed into the Nagoya Rainbow Hall. Our seats were quite good, and with a zoom lense I got some pretty good photos. And on with the battles! Read the rest of this entry »


Bizarre Japanese Sports… #4

4 07 2007


Ok… they claim that this is a ‘sport’… but I’m dubious. Still, quite a bizarre video & they waved the *sports* flag over it a few times so here it is.

(Warning: not for the faint of heart)

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Bizarre Japanese Sports… #1

25 06 2007


There certainly is some weirdness in the world, and sometimes… only sometimes… I encounter stuff it in my corner of the world (Japan). When I first made this blog I said I’d include some ‘cultural’ stuff… well if I find something sports-oriented (at least… remotely) …

#1: Crying Baby competition…

Held in Tokyo in late April, a competition for the baby who can cry the loudest. Held ‘sumo-style’ in conjunction with local amateur sumo, who provided ‘support’ for the competitors.


You still have T-Shirts to win…

16 06 2007

From the competition that I first promoted on June 7th (Flippin’ off story competition), there are still opportunities to win one of these T-Shirts…


Get your entries in (Just like Bob did… here), and maybe win a pretty cool T-Shirt!

Top Sports Stories in Japan… (June 11)

11 06 2007

Monday morning… another week begins (today is a ‘paper holiday’ for major news media).

Today’s top Sports stories in Japan…

  • Men’s Volleyball – Japan down Italy in 5… [Keralanext]
  • Sato pleased after ‘awesome’ F-1 result… []
  • Sumo – Asashoryu beats new Yokozuna Hakuho to win Hawaii mini… [Yahoo Asia]

More tomorrow…

Wanna free T-Shirt?

9 06 2007

In line with the free T-Shirt competition I’m running, more details on T-Shirt choices available! T-Shirts will be a Japanese motif/design (two of the designs available shown below).


Thus far we have only one entry (from Bob), and I print here:

“All Blacks Announce Black is ‘so last year'”

In a surprise announcement today, the NZRFU released a statement saying that the All Blacks playing strip will be radically redesigned for this years World Cup. The decision to change to a hot pink uniform has caught many by surprise but spokesperson Carson Kressley (From Queer Eye for the Straight Guy) said “Pink is the new black, darling and black is so last year”.

No All Black players were available for comment at the time of this article.

Additionally, I’ll include other bits ‘n’ pieces from Japan – So, get your entries in…