Yet another Fantasy League football team

2 09 2007

Cedric Benson - my top pick…

Undo Baka Bakka…

So, I’m in two fantasy football leagues – the Epic one, and one with a group of folks I’ve known for a looong time. 20 teams. Draft was a marathon, and difficult. And… guess where I drafted? That’s right… goddamn 20th. So, I have a few major holes – the lack of a decent back-up QB being one of them… but overall pretty happy.

Positions are QB/RB x2/WR x2/TE/Def/K

My team, in order I picked… Read the rest of this entry »


Epic Fantasy Football League – Go Tanukis!

27 08 2007

Epic Fantasy League

So, as many of you know, I (Don) write over at Epic Carnival from time-to-time in addition to here (thus the link to the right). All very involved in NFL… so we have a 12 team fantasy league.

The draft’s just done, so here’s my team that I drafted. Assess, abuse, or even just look.

  1. RB – Joseph Addai (Ind)
  2. QB – Carson Palmer (Cin)
  3. TE – Antonio Gates (SD) Read the rest of this entry »