Blogsifting – Working on it

10 08 2007

making it workSome absolutely wonderful stuff out there… & I learnt (thanks Deadspin) that the ‘blogosphere’ is absolutely a no-no as a term. So… umm… there’s some absolutely wonderful stuff out there in… errr… blogtopia (ok, ok… I’m open to suggestions on that!)!

  1. Sons of Sam Malone look Who’s Then
  2. I really laughed at The Pig Pen, and their phone conversation between Hank Aaron & Barry Bonds.
  3. One More Dying Quail looks at another reason for Jessica Alba’s umm… medication.
  4. Rumors and Rants shares some – you guessed it – Rumors (on MLB/NBA).
  5. Epic Carnival‘s (sporting a new banner) Sanchez (who hails from Shot to Nothing) explored the government’s interference on… well… pretty everything, including balls.
  6. All Is Not Wells in sport according to the Doberman On The Diamond.
  7. No Rocket – as reported from Babes Love Baseball.

Lastly, a lil’ additional link: to a story I wrote for Epic on the Celtics seeking veteran help.

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