Today’s Top Stories In Japan…

26 02 2008

Waka InoueOver the weekend, bought my baby boy his first pair of shoes. Doing well: walking at 10 months (started just prior)… my experiences with a certain Christian blogger have lead me to put up these ‘Today’s News’ pieces more often, which will mean more bikini’d girls (sorry Jeff).

Anyway… in today’s top stories-in-sports within Japan:

  • Rookie Sato hits 155kph (96+ mph) on the radar in Eagles rookie-duel (NPB)… [Daily Yomiuri]   Damn… for an 18 year-old kid, that’s fast!
  • Takekaze rises to Komosubi (sumo)… [Daily YomiuriOne for the lil’ guys – Takekaze only stands at 171 cm (5’6″)…
  • Dice-K happy with a quiet start to spring training… [Mainichi ShimbunSecond season, and the pressure’s off a lil’… no wonder he’s enjoying it more…
  • Hakuho still ranked above Asa in latest sumo rankings… [Japan TimesWell… Asashoryu was out for 6 months – suspended…



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