Streaker NAILED Down Under

5 03 2008

During a One Day International cricket final in Australia – Australia vs India (Australia lost… sigh), a streaker managed to avoid security and take the field, but stupidly ran very near the rather large Andrew Symonds.  Symonds – unimpressed – lands a vicious, punishing hip & shoulder on the guy… take a look for yourself:

Security quickly moved in and apprehended the miscreant.
Interesting to see that the way this is dealt with is the same in both hemispheres…




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5 03 2008

after a summer of aggro and plenty of frustration I can imagine that it must have felt pretty good to deliver a hip and shoulder to a tosser who shouldn’t have been there, BUT, as a professional sportsman Symonds took a huge risk and could have ended up hurting himself. You only have to look at Terry Alderman in 1982 to see how badly it can go pear-shaped. I think Symmo is an entertaining and exciting cricketer, but he’s had a few “lapses in judgement” and this is yet another one.

5 03 2008
ipl score

Symonds – I have a feeling he goes around with a chip on his shoulder. First, he was involved in a number of incidents with this Indian team.

Now, his dealing with that poor Streaker leaves a bitter taste in the mouth. What was he thinking?

5 03 2008

You have GOT to be kidding… guy disrupts a game like that? Gets whatever he has coming. Wasn’t it Miandad who took to a streaker with a bat once?

6 03 2008

I have no sympathy for the streaker at all, but not sure that Symmo was doing himself any favours.

6 03 2008
Aaron Becker

Good thing he didn’t smack him below where the belt would have been ;~)

7 03 2008
Steve "Nursedude"

Symmo’s clothesline hit on this dumb#$%^ was well deserved. Ray Lewis would have approved…as would have the cast of the origial movie “The Longest Yard”.(If you have not seen the orginal with Burt Reynolds, Don, rent it-it’s a classic)

7 03 2008

Symmonds should get a medal.

8 03 2008

Hellooooo… m back… sorry Don, could not post… was too caught up in work…

And the award for the worst streaker in the history of mankind goes to! no prizes for guesses… what was he thinking? is he from another planet? when a guy has been through all that, what Symonds has been through this entire LONG summer… it does not matter what size Symonds is… do not go near him at such a crucial moment!!!
He got what he deserved… just hope for Symonds sake that no action is taken against him… he needs a breather… btw… would have been interesting if Harbhajan’s reaction at that moment be shown as well… 😉

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