Unsung Player – (Rob Says:) Leon Powe

5 04 2008

Submission by brumbygg9 – and as much as I’d disagree that any Celtic (or Laker) is ‘unsung’, here ’tis!

Leon Powe came into this season with almost no pedigree and a permadent butt imprint where he rode the pine much of last season.

Powe listensHe was not expected to play much this season, but has averaged over 13mpg (a figure skewed by his lack of playing time in the early weeks of the season) almost 4rpg and over 7ppg.
Not exactly MVP numbers, but he has given Doc Rivers the luxury of spelling both KG and Kendrick Perkins for long spells every game.

Now, I may have mentioned once or twice before that keeping KG fresh for the playoffs could be a huge factor for the Celts. Leon Powe is a big reason why this Celtic team may go all the way.
If that happens and when the credit is handed round to KG for turning round the franchise or to Sugar Ray and PP for their “team first” mentality I hope that my man Leon receives the credit he richly deserves for his contributions.




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5 04 2008

Hey don, hows tricks? Hope the move went well.
As a long suffering Celtics fan, the turn around this year has been too long coming and i gotta agree – Powes been great in the capacity Rivers has used him. Rondo’s really stepped up and House & Posey have done what was expected of them. Seems to me that the overall recruitment has worked well when there was so much speculation about how their bench was going to perform. 60 wins for the 1st time in decades says the bench is going great if you ask me. Get ready for a real shot at the title, theres a long way to go yet and the rest of the league will step up in the play offs but from what ive watched this year, if they keep their heads, the C’s have ’em covered.
Anyways, gotta run, take it easy and stay cool.

5 04 2008

Forgot………for sheer sentimentalities sake, bring on the Lakers for the decider. How remarkably cool would that be?!

5 04 2008
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5 04 2008
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5 04 2008

Cheers Loki…

Actually, I didn’t write this piece. Another guy (Rob) did… but yes, the C’s look good.
Thanks for stopping by! πŸ˜‰

5 04 2008

and did i mention that dude is only 6 feet 8? he’s playin g a lot bigger than that!

5 04 2008

I agree 100% that Leon deserves some love this season. I debated long and hard between Leon and Perk on my own site. In fact, I almost did two unsung players because it was hard to pick between them but I ended up with Perk as I really think his contributions to the success of this team are often overlooked because they don’t always show up in the stats. I love with Leon brings and the most important part about him is that whether he plays 5 minutes or 25 minutes he brings the same intensity and makes the most of every minute. I love this kid.

8 04 2008

@ brumbygg9
i didn’t realize that he’s just 6-8..

8 04 2008

Actually… I he’s probably 6’7″. Rob always adds an inch when he measures… ummm… ‘stuff’.

I kid, I kid.
Powe is 6’8″. But he’s a big guy – 240 pounds.

8 04 2008

@ wm
haha.. measures ‘stuff’.. πŸ˜€
seriously, i thought leon powe was about 6-10 but 240 lbs is pretty big. that helps in banging bodies in the paint.

17 04 2008

Anyone see the line on my man Leon tonight? I’m a little that Doc has overused him before the playoffs… he should probably have played KG a little longer to Leon fresh!

Min FG 3Pt FT Off Reb Ast TO Stl PF Pts
L. Powe 34:06 9-16 0-0 9-13 5 11 1 2 0 3 27

17 04 2008

oh yeah.. leon powe iz da man! πŸ˜€

10 06 2008

Leon Powe has gone through a lot growing up and his maturity shows in his mental toughness. He’s got game, 21 points in 15 minutes. Lets hope he gets more minutes consistently next season to show us more what he can do. He will get even better with more playing time. Danny Ainge has done a marvellous job to assemble a team with proven veterans and young talents to turn around the team like that in a single season. Hats off to him and Celtic all the way.

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