NBA Finals – History Repeats?

25 02 2008

A follow-up to the piece NBA Finals – Who Wins? , here is a collection of responses from around Blogfrica to the same question: Who wins the NBA finals?

Jeff Clark,
ol’ school Lakers v Celtics Celtics over the Lakers, just like the old days

Darren Heitner, Sports Agent Blog
East – Boston Celtics
West – LA Lakers
With Garnett coming back to the C’s, they are in a prime position to easily conquer the East. Jesus Shuttlesworth (Ray Ray) and Paul Pierce have been undervalued for years. Along with the emergence of great role players like Rajon Rondo, the Celtics will have no problem making it to the finals.

Looking at the West, I pick the Lakers because it seems like they gave up the least in order to put themselves in a position to win it all. Not to mention that they have the best all around player in Kobe Bryant. They got rid of Kwame Brown, who has not been able to live up to his expectations and Javaris Crittendon. Crittendon was not going to help them out at all this year. In return, Pau Gasol has already changed the landscape of the West and the return of Bynum will make the team dominant.
The Suns gave up Shawn Marion, who I believe was necessary for them to make any run and the Mavericks gave up way too much to acquire Kidd. I believe that the Mavs will be too thin on the bench to make it to the Finals.
The one team to never forget in this mix is the Spurs, who should make it deep into the playoffs once again.
The Celtics win it all…

Rob, With Malice…
The East looks pretty cut and dried this year with the Celtics and Pistons the obvious class in the field. The Pistons experience in big games will see them easily reach the Conference Finals where they will lose in 6 to the Celtics juggernaut.
The West is a huge mystery as regular season form seems to count for nothing come playoff time. I think the final four in the West will be made up of the Lakers, Suns, Spurs and Mavs.
Bird MagicI think Kidd gives the Mavs a legimate chance, while the inside game that Shaq provides the Suns will add an extra dimension and be good enough to get past the first round at least.
Pau Gasol was a huge addition for the Lakers, but I think they continue to live and die with Kobe and I don’t think he can carry this team all the way.
Betting against the Spurs is a dangerous game, but I think they’re done before the Conference Finals. I’m going with the Suns and Mavs in the CF with the Mavs taking the series in 7.
I think the big minutes played by Glenn Davis and Leon Powe are going to count for a lot down the stretch.
I’m seeing the Celtics riding the Big 3 with Rondo and James Posey being huuuuuuge to take the championship rings in 5. Paul Pierce and Sweet Ray to get sainthoods and KG to get a statue next to Red Auerbach!

There’s more to come, stay tuned to With Malice over the next few days – more opinions…

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25 02 2008
Basketball » NBA Finals - History Repeats?

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25 02 2008

Boston will be lucky to get past Cleveland, now that they have wing shooters and Ben Wallace, who dropped a double-double last night in his first game with the Cavs, and looked quite a bit like his old self. Guess all those haters in Chicago can thank themselves for running the guy out of town and enjoy watching Larry Hughes chuck bricks now, while everyone in the league runs 100+ up on them every night.

Back to Boston — they’re so over-hyped and over-rated it isn’t funny anymore. By the time they get into the playoffs they’re going to be worn out and will be looking at a #2 or possibly a #3 seed in the EC. They won’t have HCA and they would need it to have any chance at taking Detroit out. They won’t.

The best Finals indication we’ve had this season, to date, was yesterday, when Detroit blew Phoenix off of its home court by 30 points. You don’t need a crystal ball to get this picture.

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26 02 2008
JW Stringer

I like Boston as the Eastern Conference pick………….and I like the Lakers, too, but given how competitive the Western Conference has been this year and considering how red-hot the Rockets are right now, how can anyone predict who will represent the West in the finals?

26 02 2008

if the celtics face the lakers in the finals, the lakers will most likely prevail. garnett, pierce and allen will be matched by bynum, gasol, and bryant. the twin towers of lakers will be a little too much for garnett and co. plus, rajon rondo will get bullied by a playoff veteran PG in derek fisher. i’m not a fan of lakers, in fact, i actually hate the team, but if the celts meet the lakers in the finals, i’ll out my money on the LA squad.

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[…] Don @ With-Malice, put up my predictions for the 2008 NBA Finals. I took the Celtics over the Lakers, with a close eye on the Spurs [NBA Finals – History Repeats?]. […]

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